A Few Dating Tips For Highschoolers

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A Few Dating Tips For Highschoolers

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High school days are those times when you go gallivanting to different worlds, trying out different things and testing your boundaries. This happens in all aspects of your life, be it in your education, your family life and your love life.

And because this is the trial period of dating so to speak, things can be pretty awkward and confusing the first few tries. And even when you get the hang of it, there will be times when you would like to just pull your hair in utter frustration.

High school dating tip #1

Desperation is uncoolA lot of teenagers think that just because nobody has asked them out or that they don’t have a steady yet, it is the end of the world as they see it. Society, being the culprit, has encouraged the perception that single people have something unsavory about them. Remember that you are just starting out. High school dating is a time of taking it slow. There really is no hurry. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it especially in engaging in sexual relationships, then don’t. It is wiser and better to wait and have your first time with someone that you really feel a deep connection with. And for sure, you will meet lots of guys in high school, in college and after.

High school dating tip #2

Be the gentleman/gentlewomanWhether in high school, college or even after school, respect and courtesy is important. One of the primary high school dating rule is to accord respect to others as you would want others to give you. This includes respecting their decisions and not enforcing your will onto them. Know your limits whether in cracking a dirty joke or touching a person. Some people are very sensitive. Be careful lest you invade another person’s personal space.

High school dating tip #3

Don’t make it your worldRemember that you are in high school to study and to learn about life. High school dating is just one part of that world that you are starting to discover. Set your priorities straight. There are things that you should be placing more importance on.

High school dating tip #4

Get involvedOne way to meet people and high school dating “mates” is to join organizations and be actively involved in school activities and events. This will not only allow you to get to know a lot of people but will also showcase and at the same time develop your talents and enhance your confidence, something that you need to be successful in high school dating.

High school dating tip #5

Be safe.Believing that you are not safe may be a negative thought but from the hundreds of cases of teenage violence and teenage pregnancy, it is perhaps better to err in the side of caution. Being safe does not mean that you will forgo with the whole high school dating thing. You can be safe while still having the time of your life dating people you like in high school. One dating tip is to be on the look out for suspicious actions and suspicious people. If you are meeting someone for the first time, make sure that you are meeting in a public place where you can be safe in the company of a lot of people. Also, never accept food or drinks from people that you do know. The food may be laced with drugs that can make you fall asleep.

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