Any tips for dating your best guy friend?

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Question by Katie: Any tips for dating your best guy friend?
We are both 14 years old and we have been friends for as long as I can remember. We both do karate together. We just started dating. Any tips?
We are going to go out no matter what, so instead of telling us not to go out, please just give us tips and advice. Thanks:)

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Answer by Emily Harris
dont due it if it doesnt go well u wont be able to be friends after

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2 Responses to “Any tips for dating your best guy friend?”
  1. Con95A says:

    Urmm, just end it.
    They never work, life ain’t like the movies.
    If you break it off you’ll keep a friend and a whole heart, if you don’t… It will hurt.

  2. Diane Reid says:

    ok i have dated my best friend and it was amazing at first we dated for 2 months but then he dumped me saying that we have both changed and we needed to move on i was heart broken but i would not for get him we stay friends till i got another boyfriend then my best friend got mean but thats not the point if you can make it work with him i say good luck its always awesome to have ur boyfriend as ur best friend my boyfriend now we have been dating 13 months and we are best friends.but you dateing ur best friend is up to you its ur life and have fun with it! xD
    and advice from my boyfriend: dont search for love. it comes with warmth. it will always find you if your patient

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