Any tips on dating a Korean girl?

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Question by Nicolás: Any tips on dating a Korean girl?
So, I’m going out with a korean exchange student. We go to schools in different towns, we’re both sophomores in high school. Her host parents want to meet me before we go on a date or anything. So..she is my first girlfriend, and I’m her first boyfriend. Any tips on dating her, because of her culture. or any at all? haha..i’m familiar with some chinese culture, not korean.

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Answer by hustle swag
some korean words to be cautious of.
Call her the following

Gee-Jee-Bae this translates into beautiful
Bah-Bauo this translates into thank you
Gae-Sae-Cee this translates into lovely

Look into her eyes when you say it.

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3 Responses to “Any tips on dating a Korean girl?”
  1. Shellster . says:

    Don’t listen to a word the first answerer said. All he said were Korean swears. Just treat her like any other girl in any other race, but do respect her culture. Don’t bring up touchy subjects regarding her race. If you do want to learn a couple Korean words you can say to your girlfriend, try using the following words:

    Saranghae: I love you
    ja- gi: honey
    Gi- yuh- woh: cute
    Yepp-uh: pretty

  2. Lizi ♥ says:

    Okay first answerer is hilarious. Never say them or else you’ll get thrown out of her parents’ house.

    Second answer’s right.

  3. J K says:

    wow…you’re so young and you have “yellow fever” already?

    Just treat her respectfully and don’t use her. I know many koreans who go overseas and kind of vulnerable. Korean girls especially like guys who take care of them. Yes, try to be like her dad in some ways, because korean girls don’t have that “strong girl” attitude, at least not that young. Also, korean girls are taught to be “ladies” and don’t move that fast physically. Otherwise, just treat her the same as you would.

    One thing, don’t criticize korea or say stupid shit that you wouldn’t want to hear yourself. Foreigners are freaking retarded when it comes to this. For example, dont say “Oh, hey I saw on tv that koreans eat dogs! HAHA, wow that’s so, is that true?” Don’t say that. Ask maybe about korean history, or her family, how she likes american vs. korean people. Don’t joke about how she’s your little “geisha” or “lily flower” or something demeaning either.

    Korean and chinese culture are super different, although the korean language actually comes from chinese. Try taking her to a korean restaurant if you have one in your town.

    Just be open minded to what she thinks and most importantly, don’t think your perspective is better just because you’re western and she’s not. Easterners live their way and it’s worked for them. If something is different and you dont agree with it…just remember how amazing it is that different people can live differently and still prosper in this world (china vs. usa).

    For meeting her host parents, all parents are overprotective. Host parents tend to be really uptight too, as they are responsible for a child that’s not theirs..that means they stay on the side of caution. However, I know from experience (my friend had a japanese girl student) that they often don’t have the ideal experience with their parents. Therefore, try to be understanding and talk to her about any problems she has…this can make you two closer as she can tell you things she cant talk about with them~

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