Any tips on how to attract a girl on a dating site?

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Question by Josh D: Any tips on how to attract a girl on a dating site?
I really suck on attracting girls in dating sites,any tips and hints to make me look smart?

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Answer by Saby
read a book

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6 Responses to “Any tips on how to attract a girl on a dating site?”
  1. BestSense says:

    get off the net
    wipe your sticky hand
    go out
    get real normal girls

    who tha f gets good women off a fating site?

  2. Julia B says:

    ………….?not sure

  3. meee :) says:

    hmmm maybe go out into the real world and start talking to girls in the traditional fashion?

    It’s worked for the majority of us.

  4. diamonds24 says:

    Look up some tips on the net – they have tips on how to write a good dating profile. And put up a nice picture – not a creepy one you took on your mobile phone in a darkened room with a flashlight.

  5. Gone says:

    lots of people meet online. some go to jail for it. some get married and some people lie & lie a lot. everyone pretty much lies online so you can type anything u want & look smart.

  6. Libsent says:

    first off, put up a nice picture. be honest, but not too blunt about what you are looking for. describe who you are, what you do, and what sort of things you’d like in a partner. look through some profiles and send messages to some that you like the look of – be friendly, polite, and conversational. pretend you’ve just met this person in a coffee shop and you want to get to know them better. dont say anything not acceptable in public, but try to know about what they want in a partner too – try for common interests.

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