can i get real dating tips, nothing cliche or cheesy please?

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Question by mrclutch: can i get real dating tips, nothing cliche or cheesy please?
i’m a dude that needs to step my game up

can i get dating tips that’s usable and not super cheesy

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Answer by Sean C
take a speech class to help with your talking game. personal grooming is key in the dating scene so have your teeth whitened your hair cut and styled take your clothes to the cleaners. buy some sort of body spray Kenneth Cole is good. only two spritz on your wife beater or under shirt. dress to impress. always i mean always leave them wanting more. that means in the first couple of weeks keep them laughing then leave early at the height of the good time that you both are having. phone game early should be short and sweet. dont talk about ex’s ever. Have big dreams the lady’s love that. You will need to prove you are working towards them though. hope that helps

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  1. Who? says:

    I think you better be classy! Being dull and boring won’t help. Try to smile but not laugh, try to not look at other women instead see her in the eyes and make her feel beautiful. Try to not talk only about you but be brief on your goals in life and what you have set to achieve. Praise her for her good qualities but don’t over do it.. Try not to kiss on the first date, don’t look anywhere else than her face. You will get everything later.. just be patient and composed… Hey don’t forget to carry her a nice fresh red rose on the date..

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