Can YOU give me tips on dating an inexperienced girl?

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Question by Wave Rider: Can YOU give me tips on dating an inexperienced girl?
I think we both like each other.

She’s new to dating, & isn’t really good at it.

When we text she gets nervous about what to say.

She only texts when she doesn’t know if I like her or am upset.

Otherwise when things are good she leaves it at that & never texts.

What’s going on in her head?

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Answer by Common sense isn’t anymore..
Stop dating 6th graders?

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3 Responses to “Can YOU give me tips on dating an inexperienced girl?”
  1. rain drop says:

    Holy – I swear this is a bot that is reposting other people’s questions!

  2. Paul says:

    Go easy – brag on her – she needs a boost of self-confidence. Go slow on suggestions but tell her, not what the world expects of her, but what you’d appreciate her doing. Good luck.

  3. Ben Burns says:

    As what you say, she is inexperienced. She does not have the slightest idea on what to do. I think it’s best to hang out with her as a friend, first, and not in a romantic relationship right away. This will put her at ease, and remove any tension and nervousness between the two of you. What are her interests? What are her hobbies? What are yours? Talk about it. Have fun with it together by doing what you love the most-be it sports or playing games together. You cannot just sit there pondering what is going on in her head, as she would not tell you, neither can anyone decipher what are her thoughts. You should be the one to make the move and invite her out casually on places that you know she will enjoy. If she does not want to tell you what her interests are, ask her friends, do your research about her and surprise her with what you know! She will surely appreciate it a lot.

    If she is still so frigid even after doing all these things together, then start going on a double date with a couple of friends and spare the awkwardness! Do this for some time and she will loosen up to you and be at ease with your company, until it’s just the two of you again.

    And as a matter of fact, pllleasssssee do not text everything you have to say and figure out on the other end what the other person is feeling or reacting. Call her instead of messaging her. Texts can leave to misinterpretation, and more often than not, arguments. So take the time to call her and invite her out. It does not matter if she is inexperienced or not, the rest of the situation and outcome is in your hands. Good luck!

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