Could you provide me with any online dating tips?

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by Barry Gourmet and Raw

Question by qiqimeimei: Could you provide me with any online dating tips?
I am online dating. Could you give me any useful online dating tips?

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Answer by Orange
Are you serious? Online dating tips? a/s/l not working?

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5 Responses to “Could you provide me with any online dating tips?”
  1. co ed says:

    sure, give me a call

  2. red says:

    Be super careful. There are some pretty scary people out there. Be pretty honest on your profile.

  3. Andy says:

    Yeah. Don’t do it.
    Stick with normal dating.

  4. rain_double says:

    what..if he/she lives in the n trust before you meet..if long distance..that shit nv works out

  5. char00 says:

    I’m on a dating site called I think this site is good and helpful to all. They provide a collection of dating tips after login. Maybe you can give it a try.

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