dating tips??

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dating tips
by Nan Griffin

Question by kalynn h: dating tips??
I just gave a guy my number and told him to call me if he wants to do anything together and he called and wants to go out this weekend… I need some helpful tips on how to go about the date without feeling like I don’t know what to say and he is really attractive and funny, sweet and smart.. I have already told him that I am in the Army and he doesn’t have a problem with that… but please help with some tips on how to keep him interested..

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Answer by 2headedgecko
Show him the Belgian take-down! That sould keep him interested.
Who knows…it may lead to other things.

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5 Responses to “dating tips??”
  1. dantestraw says:

    Just laugh at his jokes. Guys love that.

  2. Stormy Knight says:

    Express interest in him. Ask him what he want to do in life, his favorite color, movie, pets. If you focus the attention on him you’ll not only get to know him better but you take the pressure off you so much. You also let him know HOW interested you are in him and will give him confidence to ask you out again if everything goes well. Just don’t overdo it so he feels like he’s at an inquisition and turns tail and runs.
    Good luck and have a great day!!!

  3. MARCUS S says:

    Just be you, if he likes you that is enough. I think we run into problems when we feel we have to “entertain” someone. The fact he called you for a date lets you know he is interested in you.

    Just relax and have fun and by being yourself that should be more than enough to keep him interested. If not he wasn’t worth your time anyway!

  4. go f says:

    just be yourself if he wasnt interested he would of not asked for your number

  5. Deadman says:

    Just tell him a lil bit more about yourself. Get to know the side of him that not many people so of him. Try to find out things that no one else knows about him

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