Dating tips???????????

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dating tips
by Chris Pirillo

Question by M.L.T: Dating tips???????????
Alright, i think i’m on the brink of entering a relationship and i’m wondering what should i do to make the relationship work. lots of advice or tips would b cool. im in highschool by the way

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Answer by DeadLine
firstly, turn that frown upsidedown!

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3 Responses to “Dating tips???????????”
  1. Need a car says:

    Experiment, be spontaneous and unpredictable. Surprise her. Be compassionate and caring. Not only a boyfriend, but a friend too.

  2. quilic says:

    -just be yourself dudE ?

  3. Mickey says:

    dude i have more girl promblems then you maybe not i about to get a gf but dude forget it ok just wait till you get the answer yourself evryone diffrent you see it later in life

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