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Question by 1337 7: Dating Tips?
I just got a girlfriend (for the first time), And was wondering for any good tips..

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Answer by I like girls……. FUCK YA!
make her suck your dick

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2 Responses to “Dating Tips?”
  1. Sara says:

    Aww yay! I’m happy for you!!! There are so many things you’ll just learn on your own but here are some.
    ~Don’t become too clingy- sure you really like her, but you don’t need to hang out with her every second of every day. she’ll want her space with her friends and family and let her have plenty of it.
    ~Don’t be controlling. Girls can should always have guy friends. Let her hang out with them and talk to them whenever she wants. They have been her friends longer than you have been her boyfriend. They are important to her.
    ~Don’t try to move too quickly.
    And I don’t know, just be nice. Be a gentleman and ask her questions about herself and about her life. Go on fun and adventurous dates rather than just going to the movies all the time. Be sweet to her. Do what feels right! Good luck!!! =]

  2. Christina B aka Shortii HOod says:

    I’ve had 5 boyfriends and this is in the last 3 years.

    Therefore, just be yourself & never think that you have to change to make someone happy. If she’s with you, she clearly wants to be. She did make that decision.

    Keep the communication going; don’t hide your thoughts & feelings because if you’re thinking & feeling them, they ARE important.

    Knowing that it may not last forever, just enjoy yourselves together. Really show her that you genuinely care and have an interest in her; not just the fact that she’s a girl, but that she’s a person. No one likes feeling like a guy only likes them because of how they look, unless they are shallow. Don’t be shallow; look deeper. Remember to tell her you think she’s beautiful on the inside AND outside too.

    Be respectful, and be respectable.

    It doesn’t really take that much, and honestly, going to the park, going to regular fast food stores in the neighborhood, the pizza shop, these may not seem like a big deal but the time together is invaluable, and while you may eventually break up, you will never forget each other. If you have a good relationship and continue to build the relationship, you could very well have a friend for life whether she is your girlfriend or not.

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