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dating tips
by CHIMS181514

Question by seexxxiiibabi: Dating Tips?
Help me with me boyfriend! i need all the dating tips u have on the first kiss
what 2 talk about
first date
xoxo me
we’ve ben best friends for a rly long time soo we know each other pretty well but it seems kind of awkward now…

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Answer by GMoney
dont think about uit just do it

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5 Responses to “Dating Tips?”
  1. KC says:

    don’t fart


  2. LiL'rocker says:


  3. Heather says:

    For the first kiss…steer clear of choking them with your tongue…although most teenage boys will ignore that one…try to keep it from being all sloppy wet…Focus more on thier lips…and carry mints with you. Conversation topics…I’m assuming ur a teenager…so School…annoying teachers…friends…school events…your family…Good luck

  4. Richard N says:

    what boyfriend sounds like you are just going on a date? so just be yourself, show some cleavage, drink a bunch of beer, and slip him the tongue on the goodnight kiss

  5. Beth M says:

    I wish people would put some context around there question and some personal details. It’s hard to give tips about dating when I don’t know your age or how long you’ve know this guy or how well you know him.

    I’ll make the assumption that you are younger than 16 and that you don’t know him well.

    Dating Tips:

    Keep conversation light and fun – don’t bring up ex’s, bad dating experiences (if you have any), turn offs, or anything that is negative. and don’t talk about boring things….nobody cares about your work or school life.

    Dress for the date – if you are going to a nice rest. wear something nice or if you are going bowling wear jeans and tee…..

    Ask lots of questions about him but nothing too personal where he might feel uncomfortable. Asking questions shows you are interested.

    HAVE FUN and don’t take it too seriously and be yourself!!!!

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