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Question by Antonio R.: Dating tips?
I was wonderin if anyone has dating tips for me?im 16 in high school and i seem to cant find a date soo easly or the girls i go on dates with dont ever talk to me after a date.ima nice person i dont know why girls dont talk to me….If anyone have any advice that would be great!

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Answer by xxxxxxxx
Just be yourself. Playing games so girls will be interested might work for a while, but you will never find a life-long partner that way. Somewhere out there is a girl who will like you as you are and you wont need any tips to “catch” her.

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3 Responses to “Dating tips?”
  1. s_e_e says:

    Just be yourself. If you still don’t get girls don’t worry, it just means you are not desirable and will die alone, but will save a lot of money along the way.

  2. Metro Man says:

    I got plenty for ya man.

    1) Be yourself. Dont be a person to mold her every need.
    2) If you see a girl you like in a group go talk to the entire group about something relativley interesting. But dont talk to her. If she tries to get into the conversation make a comment in a funny way about how she inturupted you.

    3) Its not that girls dont like nice guys. They do. But they dont like pussies. Be a nice guy and at the same time hold your ground on the decisions you make.
    4) Make her work for you. Your mentality shouldnt be “i wonder what i can do to make this girl like me” but it should be ” i wonder what this girl is gonna do to impress me right now before i get bored”
    5) slightly cocky but not to cocky with a sense of humor will go a long way.

    I could go on for ever but i got other stuff to do good luck man

  3. addictedtoyahooanswers says:

    Stop worrying. Be natural. Don’t show off. Don’t act. Good luck.
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