dating tips?

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dating tips
by morten gade

Question by Laurie: dating tips?
Pleasee me dating tips! I am eleven and in fifth grade and its middle school this year. I go to a private school and this year everyone starts “Dating” but not really going out. It’s just if a likes a guy and the guy likes her back…

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Answer by DateDoctor
Many youngsters suffer from problems of growing up. Some wonder when it is the right time to date, while others jump at the chance to date, eventually leading themselves to destructive futures. remember, youth is a gift; do not give that up, for dating. Being at the young age you are at, dating would nt be wise, for boys who are dating at this time have not yet to become the person that they will become in the future. It may seem that dating is cool, but trust me, it is not at this certain age. Do not, however participate in casual relationships with boys, just rember to not get too serious. Only allow them to be close friends and nothing more. Boys who are dating at this age are not interested, nor know what they are doing. In the future, they may run into many problems that you will soon learn eventually. In short, due to your age, be friendly, conscience of your choices, and never let boys take advantage of you. If you must date, make sure that your parents and his agree, and go with a group of family members. For more information, ask your parents. They, most of the time, have been through this situation, and know what to do.

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