Dating tips?

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Question by therealpillnoob: Dating tips?
Please any dating tips any of them I’m gonna ask this girl out

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Answer by Paul
Wear shoes.

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  1. elena p says:

    well first you need to make damn sure that the girl likes you and that you like her to. You also need to make sure that she will say yes so that you wont get embarrsed and. Then you need to ask her somewhere were nobody can see you so that if she says no that you wont get embarresed in front of everybody. Also NEVER ask her out in a note cause if she says no then she can show that note to everybody. Then try changing your look a LITTLE!!! not alote you dont want to change who you are. And make sure that you do not wimp out cause you never know she might like you to. Good luck

  2. marcy says:

    First dates to a movie are good… you have fun and don’t have to force conversation, and then after the movie you can talk about IT!

    Okay, when you pick her up you make sure to open and close her door. If she waits, you open it when you get to the movies also.

    When you are in line, be funny, not silly jokes, but just show her you have a witty mind.

    Put your hand casually behind her shoulder to turn her toward something that you are talking about. Then remove hand.

    Make sure you ask her what she wants as a snack. If she says she doesn’t care, then you tell her that YOU care, that it is important to you that she has a good time and that includes a snack that she wants. If she wants popcorn and a soda, then ask her if one large popcorn and a coke for the both of you is enough. If she likes you she will WANT to share.

    If there is a crowd, you reach down and grab her hand to lead her through the crowd. It makes sense to do so, and you get to continue the touching. Touching is REAL important for connecting to a woman. Let go after you are through the crowd, you are not yet holding hands. An arm around the shoulder can also be used as a guiding gesture, but be careful that it is needed and not gratuitous.

    While at the movie, share the snacks. Whisper.. WHISPER.. a few comments. Heads must be close for whispers, and you don’t annoy anyone either.

    After the movie… I hope you can go out for ice cream.. it may seem silly, but it is soooo traditional that it works. If you were a player, you would have her home in bed after this. But since you are not… take her home. Walk her to her door, don’t look at her boobs. Take both her hands, look in her eyes, smile and tell her you had a real good time, and that you enjoyed being with her… let go quickly… turn and walk to your car. If, as you are getting in your car, she is still looking, smile and wave.

    You were kind, you showed you are a confident man by taking charge, you touched her so you are not afraid, but you didn’t attack her like she expected.. which is what most guys would do. If she likes you, on the next date she will be more likely to dress to impress and more open to more touch because she will want you because you are classy and different. Maybe…

  3. da man says:

    asking rils out…hmm…tricky…but so fun. Well let me see, the best aproach is beeing cocky and funny…ya u get me…and i meen lots of humour. Be confident when u speak too a chick…look her in the eyes, say somethin casual like whazup…nothin fancy at first. If u heet her hard she will probably think( for good reason the ur and ordinary joe…who wants her)…then say somethin humourus that catches her atention: god…i so sick of boring people, theyre everywhere…you know what, i’m feeling optimistic today…could u buy me a drink?:), prefer capucino. Just u and me and sorounded by tons of boring people. Think of any pickup line but kkep in mind…it must be funny…a little kinky…but dont look desperate or anything…4 ex : i’m going to relax my mouth with a capucino, come on…u can bring the sugar if u like…at the date…keep it simple humourus conversation…get close to her…literaly…get more intimate with some kinky jokes and then go for the kiss…remember kiss her on the first date or get another girl:), best of luck

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