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Question by Cat: Dating tips ?
I’m in high school and I’ve only ever gone out with one guy before, and it was awful and I don’t even like to count it. So one of my guy friends asked me out and i realllllllly like him. But im afraid it will be awkward.

So dating tips and advice? I’m new at this.. (:
But he’s never been THIS kind of a friend before, so now everythings….different…

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Answer by Listen to the David Cook!
if he’s your friend it shouldnt be too awkward

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2 Responses to “Dating tips ?”
  1. Aimee B says:

    Tell him you haven’t been on a lot of dates and are new at this. Trust me, this will make him feel better. If he has any experience dating at all he will feel like he gets to guide you and guys like that.

    Other than that, just be yourself. Don’t worry about every little thing and what it means and what you should have said or what he should have said… you won’t enjoy the date if you do.

    Be honest with him (and yourself, you may like him as a friend and not as a date, that’s ok).

    Just have fun.

  2. kewlgirlsrock says:

    it’s a good thing that you guys are friends. don’t make it into something difficult. because he asked you out it means he likes you too so it shouldn’t feel awkward. actually because you guys are friends you should be more comfortable. just be yourself and have fun. good luckk! 🙂

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