Dating tips for an inexperienced 15yr old?

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Question by neon.saurus: Dating tips for an inexperienced 15yr old?
I just got asked out by my crush (YAY) and said yes.

I really like him and everything. But I’ve never dated before (well, once but it was stupid), so i’ve never kissed or anything.

I was hoping you guys could just throw some tips at me please. I’m 15 and so is he. THANKS <3 Best answer:

Answer by M.D.
Go to movies.
Hang out in front of the library.

And refrain from touching alcohol, tobacco, or sex.

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3 Responses to “Dating tips for an inexperienced 15yr old?”
  1. angelz says:

    um what u can really do is just flirt and if he makes any moves, u can accept it so to speak and kissing, it will come natural

  2. Elizabeth S says:

    awhh thats so cute 🙂 well TAKE IHT SLOW.
    dont ruch anything because if you do you might look stupid trying to be the type of person who is an non experienced relationship person lol. Dont rush the first kiss has to be special okay. dont do a pop kiss that will last 2 seconds. dont have your first kiss in public and dont force to kiss him. if he realy likes you back he’ll take it slow to.

  3. Dev D says:

    get tips for first dates there!

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