Dating tips for shy teenager?

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dating tips
by Micah Taylor

Question by Mantastic Travis’ Broâ„¢: Dating tips for shy teenager?
Hey I’m a 15 year guy and just wanted to know if anyone has any dating tips for me. I’m a little shy when it comes to asking girls out and etc. and just wanted to know if anyone can help with with that stuff. Thanks.

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Answer by Maria
compliment the girl make her feel pretty then when you got her wrapped round your finger ask her out

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4 Responses to “Dating tips for shy teenager?”
  1. Rebecca says:

    well get friendly with girls first get to know them a bit and then you will feel comfortable around them, and if you find a girl that u like then ask her out whats the worst that can happen she might say yes 🙂

    good luck

  2. Dennis says:

    Honestly, be a dick :D. but if you wanna be a good boy while flirting or whatever then you should show that your confident and always smile. and since your 15 i think being a comedian helps just put yourself out there its the 21st century shyness is getting old

  3. Chantel_H says:

    I don’t really have the advise part for asking her out, but just some advise for you as an individual…
    Stay as you are. You are you, and you just got to be natural.. I know a few shy guys, and when it comes to asking girls out and dating- they tend to be pretty smooth!!
    If you like her and you are keen just go for it, write a note and stick it on a milkshake that you buy her as you pass her, or other small gestures that shy guys make…
    You will probably find you like her reaction, as she will probably feel special by your small gestures of affection. Trust me, it better than getting bombarded by on over confident guy! So just try it?

  4. vanessalikes. <3 says:

    Get closer to her, compliment her, make sure she trusts you, show her that you can be different, have a laugh with her..this will make you more confident to ask her as youll know her more and if your doing the right things the more she gets to know you, the more shell like you. 🙂

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