dating tips?

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Question by blackbeltcc4: dating tips?
anyone have any dating tips?

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Answer by awommack
be your best look nice

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6 Responses to “dating tips?”
  1. layla says:

    be yourself
    listen to her
    be nice

  2. curious kitty says:

    don’t bring up the ex unless she asks.

  3. thebigone24 says:

    Women only want a couple of key things, you have to LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN and for you to be yourself because men are afterall, what you see is what you get, and don’t give her everything she wants, girls enjoy the chase

  4. taylor d says:

    always play hard to drives the person nuts and wants more

  5. madperson says:

    well if your a guy: shave, be nice to every one,shower so you wont stink, dress like other people are dressing,acorse flirt……

  6. Timmy Tarot says:

    i need a time machine, i’d go back and take State

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