Does anyone have any dating tips?

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Question by Alex M: Does anyone have any dating tips?
I am a 13 year old girl and I have a boyfriedn and I need advice. So can you please give me some first date locations and ideas, flirting tips, things to talk about and stuff like that. Thanks.

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Answer by Josh
Well you should go eat at a romantic restaurant. French,Mexican, or Italian restaurants are good.

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5 Responses to “Does anyone have any dating tips?”
  1. David says:

    You can take her out on a date in your car.. oh wait! your too young.

  2. swatkat says:

    shouldnt the guy be the one taking the girl out not the other way around?? he should be on here not you

  3. George says:

    Well your young, but if you want advice for you age here it goes: Movies, uh, cuddle with the guy :] put your head on his chest whenever you can, hold hands everywhere you go. You can go to a smoothie place and walk to the park. Its really up to you, maybe wait a few years~

    If all else fails, do what you think is right.

  4. Dave Hill says:

    take him out to a restaurant I would say quite simply. conversation can be tricky in some cases so use subject topics that you know he is interested in or even better something you both share an interest in for example a sport, movie, event, type of music etc. one thing you need to remember is seeing as this is your first date he will probably be feeling equally as nervous. in terms of flirting, give him compliments, guys do like being complimented and this could be from one of the example topic above so you could for example go on about a sport then compliment him on how good he is at it. remember at the end of the date, tell him what a good time you had and this may even lead to a kiss 🙂
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  5. KeZoHero says:

    13? hmm……

    well first dates, DO NOT GO TO MOVIES!!! Worst place for date and very predictable. Movies and Dinner?? eh….boring. And you guys won’t get to talk much. Go somewhere more active!! Like a Amusement Park, Zoo, Museum, Miniature golf, just something you guys can do physically. If you live near the beach, go walking around the pier, look at stores near by, feed the birds….

    Flirting Tips: well usually the guys make the move because most girls are too chicken to do it =P but anyway…..USE HUMOR!!! Thats the number one thing in establishing a relationship. When you or him say something funny laugh and give him a little touch on the arm or something. (Just keep it above the belt miss) Smile alot and laugh at his jokes(even though they aren’t that funny) it will loosen him up and you both will feel more comfortable.

    Things to talk about: ANYTHING AROUND YOU!!! make comments about things, say something funny you saw, funny story that happen to you in the past, about the place you guys are in, make an unpredictable comment and be spontaneous.

    Just smile and show you are having a good time.

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