Does anyone have any tips for online dating profiles?

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Question by Matt P: Does anyone have any tips for online dating profiles?
I recently joined Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on what kinds of information I should and what kinds I shouldn’t leave out of my dating profile?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Answer by Antonio
Get a refund, dating websites are for building womens egos, they wanna see how many men want em… Its a waste of money

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have any tips for online dating profiles?”
  1. Dev_56 says:

    Just be yourself. No need to omit info. I never needed to use it, but I just say stay true to who you are. If the commercials are true then there would be some chick on there that feels the same way that you do.

  2. Jinny A says:

    tell the truth!!?!

  3. orangegirl87 says:

    Tell the truth about yourself but highlight interests that are appealing to women. (Same should be true for women as well.) I love to go shopping, the color pink and cute fuzzy baby animals, but I’m not going to tell a guy this. I do tell him things that he might be interested in doing with me. I enjoy cooking, jogging, etc. As a girl, the biggest turn off ever is to talk about how much you love things that a girl is unlikely to be interested in. For example don’t talk about how your are obsessed wiht sports on your profile. Yes, you’re a guy, I expect you to like sports. If you tell me how much you love sporting events, I assume all we are going to do is watch football. I like sports, but I don’t love them. There are a few girls out there that are sports fanatics, but most are somewhat uninterested.

    Seem confident in your profile and don’t mention any of your flaws. Everyone has flaws, but you want the person to discover these flaws once they like you enough to forgive you for them. A funny profile is more likely to get responses then a boring one.

    Also, don’t talk about sex in any capacity. If you say you have a high sex drive, love sex, are a good lover, I think you are a creeper and only interested in some booty. I never replied to guys who talked about sex on their profile, ever.

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