Does anyone have any tips on middle school dating?

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Question by rich_girl_95: Does anyone have any tips on middle school dating?
Im going into 7th grade and I’ve only had like 1 real boyfriend. I need tips on dating and getting guys to look my way.

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Answer by Ǐţăļĭāʼn ρŗįňċę Ţỷļēŗ
you want help? focus on your education instead of a boyfriend that wont matter in the real world or in a week

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9 Responses to “Does anyone have any tips on middle school dating?”
  1. Kyle says:

    haha middle school dateing is pointless for like a real relationship. its only good for learning how to talk and flirt with the other sex.

  2. Nick says:

    Just be yourself and dont change yourself to be with any guy, any guy that you have to change yourself for is never worth it.You dont have to be a tease or anything either.

  3. asian says:

    dating in yr 7,8,9 is a joke. The girls at my school are mental for boys. its ridiculous. i know you dont want to hear this, but theres not rush for a boyfriend, you have the rest of your life for a boyfriend. The gangas in the junior years that have boyfriends end up making complete fools of themselves, one of the girls in yr 9 in pregnant. so take my advice when i say wait

  4. Lily <3 says:

    I am around the same age as you, and my tip is just to wait. Dating in middle school is pointless, because everyone is too immature to have any social skills. Seriously, just focus on your studies. And at your age, that boyfriends was not “real” I know it feels like he was, but I promise, there is a lot more to having a relationship than you know.

  5. --- orange --- says:

    Your in middle school, so I wouldn’t worry about having a “real boyfriend”. Just focus on your grades. A lot of boys in middle school can be really immature so it isn’t so great if they do look your way. Remember to be careful and use your best judgement. You shouldn’t rush into just any relationship.

  6. hayley says:

    You don’t need a serious boyfriend in the 7th grade! You need to act like yourself though. Yes, everyone says that. 🙂

  7. skaterqueen says:

    well start wearing makeup and hang out with a big group of relly popular girl trust me it works i am going into 7th grade to and i had like i think 4 boyfriends and i am the most popular girls so ya

  8. says:

    try many different guys to see which one is best(its only going to last a week

  9. davidtp0 says:

    be yourself and follow your gut.

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