I have a crush and i need dating tips, any thoughts?

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Question by Jacob T: I have a crush and i need dating tips, any thoughts?
I want to start out as a secret admirer and i know its like a bunny your trying to get to you so yeah.

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Answer by Matt=]
send her flowers and letters and stuff…
then tell her to meet you sumwhere 🙂

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5 Responses to “I have a crush and i need dating tips, any thoughts?”
  1. Angela says:

    flirt with her ar him by texting myspace or facebook or if not just ask out you have nothing to loose

  2. ~~H.P.R~<3 says:

    aww thats cute well u should start of saying a normal hey to here and start a conversation.
    or maybe you could give her as letter and if you dont want to give it yoruself then maybe tell your friend to give her/him??
    thats only if ur a shy person~
    anyways good luck :D~

  3. bookworm_2331 says:

    Okay well if you start out as a secret admirer then you might want to use some flowers. You can take 1 rose and attach a poem to it!You can put it in her locker or attach it to her locker or if you are in one of her classes then you can slip it in her binder very secretively so nobody else sees while she is in the bathroom or something. This one guy did it for me and I totally loved it! The poem that he used was “All the love that history knows is said to be in every rose. But all that can be found in two is less then what I feel for you.” If you like it you can use it! Once you have decided to tell her it is you then she probably will be really excited so don’t go totally overboard on what you say! Hope this helps!

  4. ? says:

    Depends on the chick .. she might find the secret admire thing a lil scary …… just start flirting ( if you haven’t already ) then just ask her out .. or just give her the roses yourself ……

  5. Alexis M says:

    You can try to say whatever but she might notice the real thing by reading your body language.

    All the best though 😛

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