I need some dating tips in new york city.?

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Question by IAmYourDoG: I need some dating tips in new york city.?
So me and a friend are planning to go to new york city and date. We are only 19 so no drinking for us. Now I want to spend a medium amount of money (maybe 100$ ). And nothing fancy like a french restauraunt.

What are some things we can go to around new york city? Preferably somewhere near the new york penn station.

Currently the date consists of Lunch and a Movie and a sight seeing with 2 disposible cameras.

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Answer by MML
I was going to tell you to do lunch at a place that’s not an obvious tourist trap like TGI Friday’s in Times Square. I would steer towards ethnic and low-key. For example, check out something like Sea Thai Restaurant in Williamsburg or Lemongrass Grill. You can have a good meal for 2 for about 20-30 bucks in a cool place.

As for the movies, I believe the tickets are about $ 10 give or take at any theater.

Good luck with your date. You can have a great one with money left over.

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  1. Citysightsnyc says:

    There is nothing cool around Penn station. Take the train down to the south street seaport, lots of restaurants and places to sit outside and enjoy the views of the water and Brooklyn; very romantic at night too.

    so get your groove on dude..

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