Lesbians: Dating tips with a straight woman?

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by Tojosan

Question by Centaurus Alphi: Lesbians: Dating tips with a straight woman?
I am having lunch later with a woman I am crushing on for years. She has been turning down my invitation. It is only now she agreed! I want to play it cool. Any tips? She is smart and funny by the way.

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Answer by Sharni
If she’s straight, I don’t think any things going to happen. Lol
She is probably just being a friend.. I mean, you said she’s straight.

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6 Responses to “Lesbians: Dating tips with a straight woman?”
  1. Milo says:

    If she is straight she is straight. You can’t change her.

  2. blasted says:

    Never dated. so can’t help you. I wish I could. though.

  3. Jessa I says:

    eventhough she is straight… like what u said she is smart… she’ll understand…

  4. joshX says:

    have you already made your homework on researching what are her favorites? start doing/giving them. that will be a jump start.

  5. Ladybug says:

    I would play it cool. Seeing that she has turned down many of your invitations, she may have thought you were invading. Seeing that she has accepted this time, make sure that she is comfortable around you. I would not flirt, or anything. If she flirts however, go for it. She may be open, but if you think not, she may not be.

  6. thomas s, LA pub-navigator says:

    There are some really strong drinks that taste totally like water.

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