Never had a boyfriend and now I’m going to try online dating, any tips?

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Question by elizabeth n: Never had a boyfriend and now I’m going to try online dating, any tips?
I’m 19, a uni student who’s never experienced this thing called love. So I’ve decided after all the failed attempts at trying to win a guy over with my wit and charm, I’m going to take this into my own hands and try my hand at online romancing. Any tips? Thanks!

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Answer by bill g
approach with caution — there are a lot of ” sharks ” out there looking at a ” meat market ” — good luck

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  1. Leigh Morris says:

    No matter what be yourself. There is no Point in starting a relationship with someone who doesn’t know the real you. If they don’t like you for who you are then they are not the ones for you.
    Also you should know what type of guy you are looking for. This will help you out loads.

    When you find a guy you like then smile and look approachable so they wont feel intimidated and will talk to you. When you talk don’t go shy, this way he will know you are amazing and keep out a few details to make you mysterious and this way he will want to know you.

    Don’t try to hard and get desperate. When you go out just look like you. If you try to impress to much it might scare them away.

    And last but not least when you are around him show him you are interested and let him recognise ethe signs.

    Good Luck

  2. Baby Girl says:

    just be very open and be yourself

  3. Amber Sweetheart says:

    Here you can find Singles near your area for NSA fun, or long-term relationships.

  4. I am a woman says:

    Talk to the person for alittle while before you meet them so you can get a hint what the person is like. Meet at a public place. Trusts your instincts always because you never know who you can meet online and be safe!

  5. Online Dating says:

    To make your online dating experience a success, read these great online dating tips, profile tips, and safety tips on HeartandHobby’s blog before you get started anywhere –

  6. Stella Singles says:

    My advice is to be yourself, but not to divulge too much information right off the bat. Get them hooked and then when they come to you, you can begin to share some more personal details.
    Be careful, but be truthful. Don’t guard yourself so much that you blind yourself to something that could be positive.
    Lastly, just find a site that works and stick with it. Spreading yourself across too many sites may not work well.
    I am partial to Give it a shot it may work for you.

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