Online dating: tips for the first meet?

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Question by JuicyLish: Online dating: tips for the first meet?
I’ve just started online dating, and am planning to meet a couple of guys I’ve been chatting to via IM. Has anyone got any tips (beyond the obvious, i.e. meet in public, tell someone where you’re going etc)? Should I give out my normal phone, or buy a pre-pay just for dating (seems a bit seedy but might be safer)?

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Answer by Tara Sandlin
just dont give out ur adress or your last name.

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3 Responses to “Online dating: tips for the first meet?”
  1. EquiBabe says:

    Look fresh, laugh lots and just try to have a good time.
    I’d say buying a new phone is a sensible idea too.

  2. Dr Charm says:

    Pre-pay phone is an excellent idea. I know girls with 3 cell phones.
    Make the first date a coffee date and keep the chat light & fun. No deep topics.
    Meet at a mall coffee shop and leave in the opposite direction.
    After the coffee date, it’s just like dating any guy you meet at a grocery store.
    Then all the basic dating rules apply.

  3. Ole Hansen says:

    Online Dating Tips for the first meet : The best place to meet someone for the first time would be a Coffee Shop, or some Cafe whiteout to much noise, where bought are able to talk and feel comfortable.

    And yes use a prepaid phone, and yes meet in public also, and yes tell someone you go there.

    And also don’t give any personal information about yourself.

    You can study some specific details about the person’s interests, and be thinking about some questions that could lead into a conversation.

    A good sense of humor can sometimes break the ice.

    And don’t lie about yourself or other thinks this will only destroy.

    Try to be yourself and have a good time.

    Good luck.

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