Q&A: Any girls wanna talk to a 15 year old guy, about some dating tips.?

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by Chris Pirillo

Question by pillnoob39: Any girls wanna talk to a 15 year old guy, about some dating tips.?
You can give them to me on here or we can talk on myspace or face book. Ive been single for like the last year and Im just looking to talk to a girl about some advice, maybe if you have been single for awhile I could give you some advice about guys. Thats about it thanks.

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Answer by Mia
unless ur a freak pedifile, i would like to talk on facebook…. but, just for advice, i already have a wonderful boyfriend, i would love to help though. Mia Eaton, if your interested. best wishes 🙂

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7 Responses to “Q&A: Any girls wanna talk to a 15 year old guy, about some dating tips.?”
  1. Loka Lette says:

    Sure, i’d be happy to help via Myspace. I’m married and have been with my husband for 4 years now, but i’m always willing to lend a helping hand in tha way of helping other people find tha happiness i’ve found. Add me [myspace.com/lokalette]

  2. ashley says:

    E-mail me


    would love to help with advice im 15 as well

  3. MissingU says:

    I don’t have a myspace of facebook but every girl is unique (wow that was a cliche) anyway. Just so you know all girls have one thing (or many times more) that they won’t budge on. Meaning if a guy doesn’t have it they don’t have a shot. Mine are he has to be respectful, have morals and can’t be an atheist.
    Find a girl you like, get to know her and if you can find out what her “must haves” are. 🙂
    oh and my e-mail is kgs3710@yahoo.com

  4. Emily B says:

    i’ll help! im 15 too and i was sooo close to having a bf but it turns out he stopped liking me….long story haha. but emily bennington (network: chattahoochee) on facebook.

    and i’ve helped alot of other people on this subject too 🙂

  5. 0123 says:

    Don’t you have any female friends in your school? Why don’t you talk to them? Otherwise, you should stay single and hang out with your guy friends. Girls will give you trouble.

  6. DestiBoo says:

    u can IM me

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