Q&A: Any tips for dating a Korean guy? Cultural things I need to know?

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Question by Free: Any tips for dating a Korean guy? Cultural things I need to know?
Any tips for dating a Korean guy? Cultural things I need to know? Acceptable behavior, taboos, morals, values, relationships, structural, friends, parents, siblings and the like?

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Answer by Eanna
They’re not very big fans of democracy.

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4 Responses to “Q&A: Any tips for dating a Korean guy? Cultural things I need to know?”
  1. Yankee says:

    1. Very important: His mother will NOT like you.
    2. If he’s culturally indifferent then you shouldn’t worry about Korean customs.
    3. If he’s smart, he’ll prepare you for most situations BEFORE the situations happen.
    4. Family is the most important part of a cultural Korean’s life.
    5. Education is second only to Family.

  2. ●• 잭 •● says:

    If he isn’t a Korean guy than grew up in Korea then there’s nothing to know about. If he’s Korean and American, then he’s American. He acts American. His ‘culture’ is American.

    If he grew up in Korea:
    – They don’t celebrate Valentines day really – they celebrate White Day
    – It depends on the person when it comes to behaviour – it also depends on how close your relationship is
    – Try create a good bond with his family; try not to do anything to take him out of his comfort zone
    – If you’re very close with him, and in a stage, where maybe, you could get married, be prepared to get married when you’re young. Koreans usually get married when they’re younger compared to western countries. Their average is around 23-28? Not very sure
    – Admire his culture; don’t say negative stuff about it and don’t compare his culture to your culture and say your culture is better

    Umm, well that’s all I can think about really. I haven’t dated a Korean guy because I’m not gay. LOL, I just thought of general dating rules and how to treat your family and people in Korea.

  3. CanadaComputersRocks says:

    just be yourself.

  4. Bella Ponce says:

    I just got done with seeing a Korean guy. He’s very Americanized even though his parents are back in Korea and he’s not into a Korean girls very much so I’ll just base myself on my experience.

    -Respect is pretty big. Even though he was Americanized, I never saw him once disrespect anybody even he disliked the person.
    -His family was incredibly important to him. I can’t even begin to tell you how much he loved his brother, mom, and dad. He only sees them 2 x a year because of college and he speaks dearly of them all the time.
    -He was such a gentleman so if yours is anything like mine was, learn to appreciate that and let him know that he’s doing a good job.
    -He also lived a bit pressured by his mom to be a really good student so hopefully you can help him ease his stress if he has any of the sort.

    All in all, my guy was awsome and he’s the best I ever had and I appreciate him so much still. He has to go into the army and that’s why we never got too serious. Hope you guys have a good relationship together!

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