Q&A: Is there any good dating tips out there?

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Question by LittleChick!: Is there any good dating tips out there?
Today my boyfriend didn’t talk to me all day but he did wave to me. It’s almost valentines day and I’m scared if he will just dump me before valentines day. Apperently we might go skating on Sunday together but I’m not that great of a skater and he is really good, I’m not sure what to do. Is there tips on dating that anybody knows? Thnx! 😀

LittleChick! =D

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Answer by jjjjjjjj…..
if you guys are in middle school dont worry about it high school then just dont think about it its not really normal but maybe its because hes planning a suprise..? think positive. also maybe he’s shy or something.

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3 Responses to “Q&A: Is there any good dating tips out there?”
  1. BLUNTFACE13 says:

    yeah there is act like you dont care although we all know you do its ok be conffident and trust hell come chasing you ..guys always lve the hard to get ..eveyone loves a conffident girl

  2. Araksi says:

    You need more then just a few quick tips if you really want the relationship to last. There are a few good courses out there in the internet. After overcoming my shyness, I ordered one and it really helped me.

  3. Agris Neimans says:

    Visualize the girl/boy of your dreams in concrete details
    and from different perspectives—physical, emotional, psychological and even
    spiritual. Of course, just never expect for a perfect girl; otherwise, you will end up
    enjoying singlehood all your life.

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