Q&A: What are some dating tips for a young teen who has never dated or kissed before?

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by CHIMS181514

Question by Jess: What are some dating tips for a young teen who has never dated or kissed before?
i need some tips about what to do when you’re dating, flirting, kissing and stuff like that. all my friends have kissed and dated but i’m so nervous around guys. help me be more comfortable with them. also, i need some appearance and odor tips (odor…you know…stupid puberty) to work with to get this guy to want to go out with me. HELP!

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ask your friends

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12 Responses to “Q&A: What are some dating tips for a young teen who has never dated or kissed before?”
  1. kc says:

    dont. boys suck at this age. they are more mature in college!

  2. KkmItch says:

    Well how old are u cuz u need to be a certain age to go online and date,but u should just be yourself and when the moment is right you’ll know what to do!

  3. kasa786 says:

    Shower and then use deoderant etc..just be yourself the way you are when with your friends and if the guy is a good one he’ll like you the way you are. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with just because you’re friends are doing it, if they are true friends they will stand by you no matter what.

  4. Sam I am says:

    ummmmm well first off you should shower regularly, stay clean, shave & such… deoderant is helpful. maybe a light perfume or fragrance, watch some movies, kissing comes naturally… try to be yourself and dont worry about impressing guys, if they really like you then you woint have to try hard. don’t be scared, have fun, wait untill the time is right – you’ll know.
    good luck!

  5. Dennis G says:

    suggest going out with another couple or a group so the situation does not just fall on you to provide company …later on when you feel more secure about yourself you will have plenty of time to work out the bugs …

  6. sexy never left me says:

    just b urslef and try to stay cool…..use lots of deoderent and use like body splash or something like that, that smells good.

  7. Breanne J says:

    girl just take baths and use deodorant just be cool and your self around the opposite sex

  8. x0xjeaninemaex0x says:

    When dating just be yourself. If you be yourself it will be so easy if you try to be someone your not your just making everything hard on yourself. Your first date will be awkward but after awhile you’ll get use to it and everything will go fine. Always remember be true to yourself … don’t date someone who isn’t going to treat you right and date someone because you like them not because other people want you to like them.

  9. honeybunny says:

    Try to relax hold hands. If you flirt don’t get to sexual let it come natural. Kiss gently and no tongue on the first date. Don’t wear Cologne that’s strong in smell something soft. As far as odor put deodorant on and floss your teeth take some gum/breath mints you should be fine. Sometime group date is fun because you feel a lot more relax everyone is talking and laugh and you don’t feel the pressure to much. Have fun

  10. calyme78 says:

    Girl, if you’re still going through puberty, that’s a sign that you shouldn’t be dating. You’re so young! Enjoy the life you have now… you have your whole life to stress about relationships. Instead, be yourself and focus on building good friendships with both girls and boys. Girls that are dating and kissing and being crazy regret it later. Trust me. Figure out who YOU are and how you can impact your world for the good.

    As far as “appearance and odor tips”…. just make sure you shower every day, wear a good deodorant (Dove is great) and maybe try some refreshing body spray (Bath and Body makes some great ones). Also, make sure you take care of your skin (cleanse and moisturize) and your hair (trim every couple of months). When you take care of yourself, you will feel more confident.

    Take care and enjoy your youth!!!

  11. peachiepie says:

    You sound so young, and you really should give yourself time
    and not rush into anything you don’t feel comfortable with right now. Go out with groups of guys and girls, and you may find yourself talking with one of the fellows more than others. You may find you two have a lot of things in common and get to know each other better. Thats what dating is really about, two people that enjoy each other’s company and respect and have an intrest in each other. The rest of the stuff will come along in time and that first kiss will seem natural.

    Now about that hygiene problem, keep your body clean ,and ask a close friend what type of personal products they use,( like deodorants”) Try some to you find what works for you. Avoid
    over use of colognes or perfumes, (you don’t want to wear more than a hint of fragrance) and all popular ones don’t smell the SAME on everyone. Use a breath freshing toothpaste and moutwash, carry a small pocketsize spray to refresh doing the day. If you have under arm hair it’s time to start shaving, talk to your mom about some of these issues or if you’re unable to do that an realtive, school nurse or good friend.

    Don’t think you are alone, we ALL felt nervous and unsure at first
    even the ones that seem to have it all together. So good luck and have fun, you’re getting started in the game of life and I hope you have the best of times now and in the future!!

  12. Sarah S says:

    well when he leans over to kiss you don’t back out!!!

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