Seeking romantic dating tips?

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Question by Jay: Seeking romantic dating tips?
I keep messing up when it comes to finding a date. I now figured that I have to know romantic dating tips to get a girl within my age limit that actually functions without having me to spoil her. I am ready to mature and move on, but it is kind of hard to teach myself when I have multiple jobs. I need some romantic dating tips fast because I have another date coming up and I would like to impress her before she moves on.

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Answer by Tony
Jay, I will be sure to help you before your date comes up!
I am proud to be the answering your question.

– Keep things slow

– Give her flowers before the date and chocolate before heads home.
– Don’t act like someone you truly aren’t,girls like honest men!

– Make her want to think about her.

– Crack jokes while staying in the kindness range.

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