What are some English dating tips for an American?

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by morten gade

Question by forever: What are some English dating tips for an American?
How is dating different? Do English guys like American women?

I have a thing for the English “street tough” type, maybe even from a council estate. Might be moving to London.

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Answer by Kevin
English men tend to be attracted to shins surprisingly!

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2 Responses to “What are some English dating tips for an American?”
  1. Eric Sarmiento says:

    The game is the same everywhere, If u act like ur a million bucks people will chase you, if not, your the chaser, People like a challenge, so get out there and have funn

  2. Jen says:

    People in England don’t tend to be as direct as Americans do when it comes to dating. It’s quite unusual to make a move on someone when you’re both sober, for example.
    I wouldn’t say that English people are attracted to Americans, as that is obviously a sweeping generalization. I’m sure that some English guys like American women, just as some American guys like English women. You won’t necessarily be fighting them off just because of where you come from though!
    British guys like girls who are down to earth, honest and not fake. We don’t really “date” in the same way that Americans do, it’s polite for you to offer to pay half the bill, for example. While some men will insist on paying, they generally appreciate this gesture.
    Just watch yourself with “street tough” type guys over here, sometimes they have very aggressive ex-girlfriends to watch out for. Remember also that “tough” can turn into “violent”. Just because we have “cute” English accents doesn’t mean we’re cute, harmless and quaint! Street gangs in England carry guns and knives just like they do in America.

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