What are some good tips for dating at the age of 30 and older?

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by ZakVTA

Question by ARTY: What are some good tips for dating at the age of 30 and older?
Considering at that point in life, pretty much the only people you’ll see in bars and nightclubs are people in their 20’s. Pretty much the only time I have ever seen anyone in their 30’s or older are couples or, married people who are having a night out with friends. And lets face the facts, online dating just plain sucks!

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Answer by BenniSpot
You need to stop going to bars and nightclubs. the biggest single mistake people that get older make when dating is THEY DON’T GROW UP.

You must do other things than just get drunk and go dancing…?? You need to try and find someone in a place that you actually go for fun, and could continue to go for fun once you are together, maybe married, maybe have kids.

If you’re into sports and the gym, find a girl there. If you’re into the outdoors, hiking or something, join a club, there are groups and clubs out there for every activity imaginable. That’s how you find someone you can really be with.

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2 Responses to “What are some good tips for dating at the age of 30 and older?”
  1. Leyon says:

    It does not matter that your are in 20’s or in 30’s. You can still date and make yourself feel happy and comfortable 🙂

    You just need to adopt certain sensational things which could enhance in your personality. Just make your looks bit cool and dashing so that age of 20’s could attract toward you and you will be amazed to be on date with them 🙂

  2. Serena Smith says:

    i looked at the website that Bob linked in, it’s pretty cool. i have some single friends in their 30’s, they’ve also told me that it bothers them that most people in bars are in their 20’s

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