What are some tips on dating a cougar ?

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by Justin Tso

Question by Rocko: What are some tips on dating a cougar ?
what are some tips on dating a cougar ?
what are your views on this
and how would you tell you mother you are dating so 15 – 20 years older then you

why i want some help is i am sick of all the fing games with the girls my age btw i am 20

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Answer by money maker
lol, That doesn’t change with older women either. Trust me on this, it is all individual, unless you are dating a girl that’s 14. Women who are older, 30s and 40s, f**k around too. you just have to find one that understands what you want, and be both on the same page. no matter the age.

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3 Responses to “What are some tips on dating a cougar ?”
  1. cute_yammy says:

    make sure the cougar is de-clawed

    it will hurt ur penis if not

  2. forheavensake44 says:

    Get a really good paying job.

  3. **Yi Maaca** says:

    ok first thing is first is that.. cougers are desperate and horney…. =S

    my only advice is.. make sure you wear a scratch proof vest and possibly knee pads..
    & alsoo keep emergency services on the line… you may need it.. for yourself that is..

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