What are some tips on dating someone new?

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Question by Amber: What are some tips on dating someone new?
How long do you like your first few dates to last? One hour? Two hours? If you’re nervous, I mean. What do you usually talk about on your first few dates? What topics are off limits? Do you spend a lot of time just flirting on your dates? Are there empty silences? Frequent ones? What do you like to do on your first few dates? Thx!

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Answer by PrinceValiant
I always try to get the first kiss as soon as possible. It is a good ice breaker.

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  1. Ronny A says:

    Be yourself. Talk about neutral topics and nothing that makes you seem self-absorbed. The time of the date is not that important. Get to know the real person…ask about family, goals, interests, etc. Flirting is good especially if you are a girl (guys love this), but make sure it’s wanted.

    Any date where you can go and talk is a good first date. Never a movie. Amusement park, museum, restaurant are good first dates.

    Good luck!

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