What are your dating rules? And do you have any tips on dating? Ladies only !?

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by Ed Yourdon

Question by anna: What are your dating rules? And do you have any tips on dating? Ladies only !?
So I’ve been in the dating game for a while now and can’t seem to figure out the dating game. It’s getting kind of annoying because it’s always the married men that are hitting on me. Am I attracting them? I was just wondering what are your rules on dating a man? And do you have any tips or clues if it will last or he’s faithful? thanks ladies!

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Answer by Alemanya
I don’t date. I make friends. If I like them, that’s the time I date them. I have to get to know them first. Are they they married? What do they do? Are they nice people? I have to know him first before I date him.

I am kind of old-fashioned. I don’t make the first move, I am hard to get. So the guy who is most persistent gets a date with me. I am not the prettiest in town but I am choosy because I only want to date nice men.You can when you believe you can.

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  1. panda_violinist_2428 says:

    Dating Game Rules:
    (1) NEVER date a married man. If he is willing to break up with his wife for you, then that shows he has no loyalty. If his wife is horrible, then he must be too if he hasn’t divorced yet.
    (2)Dating sites are always welcome!
    (3)Never date more than one guy at a time.
    (4)Never date a man with a girlfriend. Same reason as Rule #1.
    Dating Game Hints:
    (1)If he brings you gifts, it shows he’s sweet. But if he does it too often then he might be obsessed.
    (2)Figure out how many girls he’s gone out with, figure out why he dumped them so you don’t make their mistakes.
    (3)Ask him about his hobbies and favorite things so when holidays come around, your prepared!

    Hope I helped!

  2. pj says:


    I had the married mad problem too. But I WAS attracting them because I didn’t want a real relationship.

    I hate to say this, but there’s a chance you’re so good looking that married men realize they don’t have a chance. But you’re fun to look at and they like to feel alive, so they might just be going for it for sh*ts and giggles.

    If that’s the case, then it’s not anything you’re doing wrong. You’re just intimidating for most men.

    The other option is to look within.

    How are you putting yourself out there? I know the reason why married men were hitting on me. I was putting myself out there as looking for nothing but a good time and no attachments. It’s possible you’re putting out a similar vibe without knowing it.

    Good luck!

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