What are your top 5 dating tips?

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dating tips
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Question by Moonlight: What are your top 5 dating tips?
What has really worked for you? What’s the most effective way you show someone you’re not interested or interested? Anything really.

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Answer by M3gr5
Be yourself.
Make sure you share the conversation. (E.g One of you doesn’t talk for the whole time your out
Have a good time.
Don’t stress.

Can’t think of anymore:)
Goodluck x

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4 Responses to “What are your top 5 dating tips?”
  1. chadbrochill says:

    always be hygienic. I tend to use a lot of eye contact and looks to get my message across. and asking for another date is usually a clear sign and i try to be myself. If im not interested on the other hand, I will usually just act the way I feel and try to wrap it up as soon as possible.

  2. highbury girl says:

    1. Smell nice, not too much perfume/aftershave
    2. clean clothes
    3. clean teeth
    4 be interested in them
    5 make good eye contact.

    and NEVER have sex on a first date, cos you won’t see them again.

  3. Pamela O 2 says:

    1- Dont go on a date with a guy that you’re not sure is for you – trust your gut instinct.

    2- Be honest from the getgo – dont make yourself someone you’re not just for the sake of impressing the guy or keeping him interested

    3- Dont put out too soon. Keep the guy interested and make him work for your affections. Sleeping with a guy too early on into things can often cause him to loose interest and disrespecting you.

    4- Dont tell too many people about a guy too soon – sure tell a few close friends or family, but dont tell everyone you know – its less awkward or embarassing having to tell them it didnt work out if things go pear shaped.

    5- Dont talk about exs too soon. I dont know why people obsess about talking about their exs on dates! you’re there to get to know each other – not hear about their disasterous breakups – people often leave dates feeling the person is still inlove with their ex – or that they cant compare to their ex and so on so leave this conversation for a much later time


  4. Tom Robin says:

    neat attire.
    oral sex.
    full sex.

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