what is the most 10 craziest dating tips you ever heard?

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Question by bad boy 2: what is the most 10 craziest dating tips you ever heard?
I mean dating tips that contradict with logic but do work:
like girls are only attracted o you when you are in a relationship
or make yourself emotionally distance to make her mad about you
guys/girls I want the list
thanks M for the effort but I doubt anything what you said would work

Best answer:

Answer by POOH
never take her to a bar

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3 Responses to “what is the most 10 craziest dating tips you ever heard?”
  1. Steven Tyler says:

    whip it out

  2. nuna says:

    Flirt and they come running like bees to flowers.

  3. M says:

    Ohh, I have heard a ton just in average conversation. By the way, I’m paraphrasing some of these, but the meaning remains the same.

    1. “Always dress like a $ 7 hooker so the guy thinks you’re sexy.” (Or more likely, he will think I am a cheap floozy who forgot to get dressed.)

    2. “Guys like you more when you treat them like crap and throw huge fits.” (Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha.)

    3. “I know you may not like him much, but God may have picked him out for you to be your eternal companion. You don’t want to go against God’s will, do you?” (I was raised Mormon. You actually do hear things like that.)

    4. “You should always show a guy that you have a sense of humor, so you should kick him in the balls.” (I don’t even know why I got that as a tip, but I did.)

    5. “Only bad men look at you anywhere but your face.” (Again. I was raised Mormon. And I’m not dumb enough to think that men don’t give a once-over.)

    6. “Guys love it when you infringe on their personal space and take over as much of their lives as possible.” (Ok, I was a little sarcastic with this one. But you don’t want to know how she actually worded it.)

    7. “He doesn’t need to go out with his friends once in a while. You should go crash the football game so that he knows how much you want to spend time with him.” (Yes, maybe if I wanted to be dumped for being an insensitive idiot.)

    8. “Be a jerk. It’s the only way girls will like you.” (Nope.)

    9. “It doesn’t matter what you look like. Attractiveness is judged by the patriarchy. Just remind him of that.” (Bull.)

    10. “You should watch porn on your first date. That way he’ll know you’re comfortable with your sexuality.” (I don’t even need to remark on how stupid that one is.)

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